The Legal Office is located on the Castle Hill in Cieszyn, in the building of the Cieszyn Castle’s Orangery (previously called the Silesian Castle of Art and Enterprise) on the 1st floor, office no 13.

In the Castle Building, which is a place of young artists’ exhibition, place of meetings and design workshops as well as trainings in the field of design, modern design exhibition and traditional craftsmanship in a new edition can be seen. In front of the building there is a figure of a pink deer, which has become one of the Hill’s attractions and is a popular element photographed by tourists.

The Office location encourages also to walk through the park on the Castle Hill, as well as to visit the Romanesque Rotunda (so called Church of St. Nicholas of the eleventh century – it is the same building which likeness appears on the reverse of a 20-zloty banknote. In the building there are concerts of chamber music. The Rotunda is open for visiting throughout the whole year) and the Piast Tower (from the fourteenth century) from which it is possible to admire the city skyline. The Tower used to fulfil the defensive, residential, prison and watchtower functions. In the nineteenth century it was also a clock tower with mechanism maintained until now.

The Park is also a good place to forget about everyday problems, to sit on the bench with a book in hand and enjoy the quiet, beautiful, historic surroundings and shadow of the trees which are so old that some of them are natural monuments.

Contact data

ul. Zamkowa 3a/13
43-400 Cieszyn

Phone: +48 660 734 329

Office: +48 881 318 111


NIP: 548-236-48-48
REGON: 242741708